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September 09, 2009


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john shephard

the latest chapman guggenheim exhibit about night is the most unsatisfying excuse for art i have ever seen. immature, uninteresting, but only disappointing if you expected something artistic. reminds me how narcissistically out of touch with commonly accepted measures of beauty college art can be. i think peggy guggenheim would be embarrassed to have her name affiliated with the gallery. the only display worse than the main floor unattraction is the one above it. very mediocre photos your neighbor has probably exceeded in artistic vision and execution. perhaps it is that the students are there to learn something and it's early yet in the academic year. hope this review helps.

sabina ott

Make sure to come and see the next exhibit "Because the Night" curated by Sabina Ott featuring
Pat Badani, Stephanie Brooks, Kristin Calabrese, Dana Duff, Jordan Biren, Catherine Forester (livebox)
David Oresick, Michelle Grabner, Alison Ruttan, Scott Stack, Terence Hannum, Candice Lin, Goody B. Wiseman, Mary Anna Pomonis, Mathew Girson

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