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September 07, 2008


Doug Harvey

... and the little painting behind Elliott Hundley's sculpture is by Linda Stark

Doug Harvey

Hi James
Doug Harvey here. Thanks for the posting. I just wanted to give info about the artists in your slideshow. I don't have the titles handy, but the artists, in order of appearance here are:
Tim Armstrong
Jimmy Chertkow
Reverend Ethan Acres
Reverend Ethan Acres
Paul Laffoley
Mary Pongratz
April Schwass
Victoria Reynolds
Cathy Ward/ Eric Wright (top) The Firesign Theatre (bottom)
Nate Lowman
Chris Wilder
Albert Cuellar
Mark Dutcher
Elliott Hundley
Gary Panter
Jim Shaw
Nathan Spoor
Jeffrey Vallance
Marie Johnston

Gregg Gibbs
Gregg Gibbs
Mary Pongratz

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