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November 11, 2005



That was the first Lux picture i ever saw and i just thought it was really amazing,totaly spoke to me
Thats all


Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful oeuvre!!!


I live near Paris and I discovered real works of Loretta Lux at "Paris Photo" (international photography meetings with famous galleries) and that is really amazing.


very obvious pixels?? Not a lux.

Art's Lover

I saw some Lux photos in a group show in a San Francisco gallery last summer and as I recall the prints were rather small and looked like inkjet or maybe Iris prints (very obvious pixels). Are these Lux prints that are going for big money the same kind of prints or are they photo-based? I really didn't think the pixelation went with her idealized approach. I think these images were listed somewhere around $10,000.


I have a suggestion. Go and see
I realy like her work. Here style looks like loretta lux but different. She portraits children by commission.



I do like her work (quite a lot), but 45K is crazy money. I see now I will not own a house or a LL photograph in this market.

La Dauphine

I very much like these photos, but I can see what that one commenter meant saying they look like kids from The Shining... not necessarily a bad thing!

Allan Alessio

Hello Loretta,

I live in LB and would like to get more in touch with the art scene in OC and LB. I know there's got to be a mailing list on shows coming up. If you happen to know of any, please add me to them.

Thanks, Allan

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