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November 03, 2005


Antonio Arch

Oh yeah? Well I know where you can get work by Burtynsky's Toronto assistant for a little more than that and they're infinitely more spectacular!

Cesar Llacuna

Get this print NOW. I called Koch in SF and Cowles in NYC for Shipyard #11; it's sold out. 34" X 27" image size sold for $6,500, edition of 10 + 2 AP.
Other sizes 49 X 39 & 66 X 46 were $11,000 and $14,500 respectively, lesser edition. All gone. This is your chance.


Hi Todd-

The railcuts sold out. As I'm sure this one will.

Todd W.

Seems they've replaced the previously available "Railcuts" photograph with this one. This Chinese shipbuilding is an interesting contrast to the shipbreaking series.

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