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July 11, 2005


Double J

I don't think picking on the new rich is anything new. Actually it is a kind of right of passage... in fact one of my best freinds drives a TT. I simply wanted to point out how milled aluminum was quite popular with the yuppie set and give it some intellectual context.

I dont think there is anything wrong with them liking alumninum, I just wish that the word minimal was more connected to the philosphical arguments that lead to it becoming a popular word.

...and thanks for reading, I lived in Brea for 4 years as a kid.


I think Todd's right to a large extent. Finch in particular is very comfortable with the old guard in NY, regardless of how rich they are. It's the newbies, many of whom may not acknowledge his priveleged position, who seem to be the target of his very talented, albeit often poisonous pen.

ps...many thanks for the trackback!

Todd W.

I see it more as a hatred of johnny-come-lately's jumping on the bandwagon rather than true class warfare. It's like when one of my high school friends was really into Nirvana and then got all pissed off when "Smells Like Teen Spirit" got to be a big hit. Same thing with all these mythical hedge fund managers suddenly coming in an buying up everything in sight. Particularly galling, I'd think, so someone on a critic's salary.

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